A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a concentration in Supply Chain Systems is a four-year undergraduate degree for those interested in the dynamic field of supply chain management. This program focuses on the effective planning, coordination, and optimization of the flow of goods and services. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the BBA degree in Supply Chain Systems, including admissions requirements, coursework, career prospects, and more.

What Is the BBA Supply Chain Systems Concentration?

The BBA degree program with a concentration in Supply Chain Systems gives students a solid foundation in supply chain management principles and practices. The program emphasizes the efficient movement of goods, information, and resources across the global marketplace.

Other things of note regarding BBA Supply Chain Systems programs:

  • These programs cover logistics management, procurement, inventory control, transportation management, demand forecasting, and supply chain analytics.
  • Students learn to design and manage efficient supply chain networks, optimize operations, and develop strategies for competitiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Ideal for individuals with strong analytical and problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and an interest in the global business environment.
  • Graduates of the program are prepared for supply chain management, logistics, procurement, and operations management careers.

What Are the Admissions Requirements for an Online BBA Degree in Supply Chain Systems?

Depending on the school chosen, admissions requirements for a BBA degree in Supply Chain Systems may vary. Common prerequisites include:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) – usually 3.0 or 3.5
  • Satisfactory test scores on exams like the SAT or ACT
  • Some universities may also consider coursework in mathematics, business, or economics as advantageous

Prospective students with a demonstrated interest in supply chain management, relevant work experience, or involvement in related extracurricular activities may be advantageous during the admissions process. This program highly values strong analytical and problem-solving abilities and effective communication skills.

Students should always ensure that the BBA program they select holds proper accreditation. Not only is this a sign of quality, but it is also often a requirement for further education at the master’s and doctoral levels and may be required by future employers as well.

What Classes Will I Take in a BBA Supply Chain Systems Degree Program?

A BBA Supply Chain Systems degree program typically combines core business courses, general education requirements, and specialized supply chain management and logistics courses. On average, the program requires approximately 120 to 130 credit hours.

Common courses in a BBA Supply Chain Systems program may include:

  • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics and Transportation Management
  • Procurement and Supplier Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Operations Management
  • Demand Forecasting and Planning
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Practices
  • Supply Chain Risk Management

These courses give students a basic comprehension of supply chain management principles, logistics operations, and strategic decision-making. Students develop skills in data analysis, process optimization, and effective collaboration with suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.

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Career Opportunities with a BBA Supply Chain Systems Degree

A Supply Chain Systems specialty degree opens the door to various BBA career opportunities. Graduates are prepared for roles that involve managing the efficient flow of goods, information, and resources across the supply chain. Some potential career paths for BBA Supply Chain Systems graduates include:

  • Supply Chain Manager: Graduates can work as supply chain managers or analysts, analyzing data and optimizing supply chain processes to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Logistics Manager: Graduates can pursue careers as logistics managers, overseeing the planning, implementation, and control of the movement and storage of goods.
  • Procurement Manager: Graduates can work in procurement manager roles, responsible for sourcing and negotiating contracts with suppliers to ensure the timely availability of materials and services.
  • Operations Manager: Graduates can take on operations management roles, overseeing the production and delivery of goods and services, optimizing processes, and managing teams.

Furthermore, a BBA Supply Chain Systems degree can serve as a foundation for advanced degrees such as a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Supply Chain Management. These advanced degrees can further enhance career opportunities and provide access to higher-level leadership positions within supply chain management.

BBA in Supply Chain Management Program Listings

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1032 W. Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60660
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601 E John Street
Champaign, IL 61820-5711
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1020 S Washington St
Owosso, MI 48867
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1801 North Broad Street
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Johnson City, TN 37614
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Murfreesboro, TN 37132
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Southern Avenue
Memphis, TN 38152
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1806 Ave J
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JKW Administration Building, Suite 200
College Station, TX 77843-1248
(979) 845-3211

2200 Campbell Stree
Commerce, TX 75429-3011
(888) 868-2682

212 E. Cullen Building
Houston, TX 77204-2018
(713) 743-1000

1 Main Street
Houston, TX 77002-1014
(713) 221-8000


2400 Sixth St NW
Washington, WA 20059
(202) 806-6100


800 W Main St
Whitewater, WI 53190-1790
(262) 472-1234

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