A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree with a concentration in Health Services Administration is an exciting 4-year degree pathway for individuals interested in the healthcare industry and management roles within healthcare organizations. This degree program focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary to lead and navigate the complex healthcare landscape effectively. Below, we will explore the BBA degree with a concentration in Health Services Administration, discuss admissions requirements for this program, highlight common courses within the curriculum, and explore the career opportunities available to graduates in the field of Health Services Administration.

What Is the BBA Health Services Administration Concentration?

The BBA degree with a concentration in Health Services Administration is designed to prepare students for managerial and administrative roles within healthcare organizations. The program emphasizes the unique aspects of healthcare management, including healthcare policies, healthcare finance, healthcare operations, and healthcare quality improvement.

Other things to know about a BBA Health Services Administration program:

  • BBA Health Services Administration programs cover healthcare management, law and ethics, finance, informatics, marketing, and policy.
  • Students learn to manage healthcare resources, navigate regulatory compliance, analyze financial data, and enhance healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
  • Suitable for individuals with strong organizational and leadership skills, an interest in healthcare, and a desire to improve healthcare systems.
  • Graduates are prepared for careers in healthcare administration, healthcare management, healthcare consulting, and more.

What Are the Admissions Requirements for an Online BBA Degree in Health Services Administration?

Admissions requirements for a BBA degree in Health Services Administration may vary depending on the institution. However, common prerequisites include:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above
  • Submission of standardized test scores, such as SAT or ACT scores
  • Some universities may also consider coursework in science, mathematics, or business as advantageous

Prospective students with a strong academic background, relevant coursework, and demonstrated interest in healthcare administration may have an advantage during the admissions process. Strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and a passion for improving healthcare systems are highly valued in this program. Hybrid and online BBA Health Services Administration programs are often available for students who need the benefits of flexible scheduling.

Whether you choose to enroll in a traditional on-campus or online BBA in Health Services Administration, be sure that you select a program that has proper BBA accreditation.

What Classes Will I Take in an Online BBA Health Services Administration Degree Program?

A BBA Health Services Administration degree program typically combines core business courses, general education requirements, and specialized courses in healthcare management. The program generally requires approximately 120 to 130 credit hours, depending on the institution.

Common courses within a BBA Health Services Administration program may include:

  • Introduction to Health Services Administration
  • Healthcare Management and Leadership
  • Healthcare Policy and Regulation
  • Healthcare Finance and Budgeting
  • Healthcare Informatics and Technology
  • Healthcare Quality Improvement
  • Healthcare Law and Ethics
  • Strategic Planning in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Marketing and Communications
  • Health Systems and Operations

These courses provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry, healthcare management principles, and the unique challenges and opportunities within the healthcare system. Students also develop skills in data analysis, strategic planning, healthcare finance, and leadership.

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Career Opportunities with a BBA Health Services Administration Degree

A BBA Health Services Administration degree opens up a range of BBA career paths in healthcare organizations, healthcare consulting firms, government agencies, and other healthcare-related settings. Graduates are prepared for managerial and administrative roles that involve overseeing healthcare operations, managing healthcare resources, and ensuring the efficient and effective delivery of healthcare services. Some potential career paths for BBA Health Services Administration graduates include:

  • Healthcare Administrator: Graduates can work as healthcare administrators, responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of healthcare facilities, ensuring compliance with regulations, and implementing strategic initiatives.
  • Healthcare Compliance Officer: Grads may opt for a career as a healthcare compliance officer, ensuring that healthcare organizations adhere to laws, regulations, and policies to maintain ethical and legal standards in patient care and business practices.
  • Healthcare Financial Analyst: Graduates can work as financial analysts in healthcare organizations, analyzing financial data, developing budgets, and assessing the financial performance of healthcare facilities.
  • Healthcare Policy Analyst: Graduates can work in policy analysis roles, assessing the impact of healthcare policies and regulations, and contributing to the development and implementation of healthcare policy initiatives.

Furthermore, a BBA Health Services Administration degree can serve as a foundation for advanced degrees such as a Master of Health Administration (MHA) or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Healthcare Management. These advanced degrees can further enhance career opportunities and provide access to higher-level leadership positions within the healthcare industry.

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