A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree program in Louisiana offers students a comprehensive education in business principles, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a solid business foundation. With the option to choose a concentration, students can tailor their studies to their interests and career goals. Whether aiming for a career in the state’s thriving healthcare, energy, tourism, or finance industries, a BBA degree from a Louisiana school equips graduates with the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Finding the Right Online BBA Degree Program in Louisiana

An online BBA program in Louisiana, such as the one offered by the University of Louisiana at Monroe, offers numerous benefits for students, including flexibility and convenience. Students can access coursework from anywhere, allowing them to balance their studies with work or other responsibilities. Additionally, online programs often offer a more affordable alternative to traditional on-campus programs, with reduced costs for commuting and housing. However, for those who prefer a more traditional classroom experience, hybrid and on-campus versions of BBA programs are also available in Louisiana. These options provide the opportunity for face-to-face interaction with professors and classmates and access to campus resources and facilities.

While considering your options, remember that you should always choose a BBA program accredited by a respected organization like the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) or the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Accredited BBA programs are held to high standards and signify a quality education. Moreover, many graduate schools and employers require or prefer candidates who have an accredited bachelor’s degree.

BBA Degree Program Concentrations in Louisiana

Some students opt for a general BBA program to learn about all aspects of business administration. However, some students wish to enroll in a program that specializes in a particular business area. Many BBA programs with concentrations are available, but popular options include:

BBA Internships in Louisiana – Do I Need One?

Internships are not always a required component of BBA degree programs in Louisiana, but they can be a valuable option for students looking to get ahead in their careers. Participating in an internship allows students to gain practical, hands-on experience in actual business settings, which can enhance their understanding of course material and provide valuable skills that are highly sought after by employers. Additionally, internships can help students build professional networks and gain insight into potential career paths within their chosen field. Overall, BBA internships can provide students with a competitive edge in the job market and help them stand out to potential employers.

What BBA Careers Can I Pursue in Louisiana?

A BBA degree can open the door to many rewarding careers in the state. With a broad application, grads can enter just about any business area. Those who graduate with a specialty may be particularly poised to enter a niche area of business.

Common BBA careers offer the following job titles:

Where Can I Work with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration Degree in Louisiana?

Earning your BBA in Louisiana is an exciting prospect, as it can lead to working in corporations, small businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and more. Louisiana’s business landscape encompasses energy, healthcare, tourism, technology, and manufacturing industries. Some potential business employers in Louisiana for BBA graduates include:

What Is the Salary for a Business Administration Career in Louisiana?

Salary considerations for individuals with a BBA in Louisiana can vary depending on several factors. Factors such as the specific industry, job role, level of experience, and geographic location within Louisiana can all influence salary levels. In general, the pay landscape in Louisiana tends to be slightly below the national average. However, industries such as healthcare, energy, tourism, and finance often offer competitive salaries for BBA graduates. Additionally, factors such as the size and reputation of the employer, as well as the individual’s skills and qualifications, can also impact salary levels for BBA graduates in Louisiana.

To get a better idea, the following are several examples of business administration positions in Louisiana and their respective mean annual salaries according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • IT managers make an estimated $127,060 per year
  • Financial advisors make an estimated $126,220 per year
  • Procurement managers make an estimated $108,880 per year
  • Human resources managers make an estimated $106,760 per year
  • Compliance officers make an estimated $67,230 per year

Learn more about BBA Salaries.

List of BBA Programs Accepting Students in Louisiana

Alexandria, LA

8100 Hwy 71 South
Alexandria, LA 71302-9121
(318) 445-3672

Baton Rouge, LA

156 Thomas Boyd Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-2750
(225) 578-3202

Hammond, LA

548 Ned McGehee Ave.
Hammond, LA 70402
(985) 549-2000

Monroe, LA

700 University Avenue
Monroe, LA 71209-0000
(318) 342-1000

Natchitoches, LA

175 Sam Sibley Drive
Natchitoches, LA 71497-0002
(318) 357-6011

New Orleans, LA

2000 Lakeshore Drive
New Orleans, LA 70148
(888) 514-4275

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